M.S., 47 years, Shiatsu Practitioner GSD

Feedback on her first structure (ten days after a weekend workshop)

"Directly after finishing the structure I felt surprised and schocked at the speed and direction at which everything took place.

Driving home I took a different route than I normaly take and drove instead through Wieblingen and the fields behind Grenzhoff, colors green and gold and brown and extraordinarily alive, glowing in the evening sun.

Arriving home to a full house I sat so relaxed, at ease and content with my family, above all a feeling of great affection and love for them. Everyone noticed this calmness about me, even the cats who waited paitently for me to wake up the next morning to feed them.

I had arranged three days free following the workshop and was glad about it. I felt as if my moment to moment perception of time space and dimension were changing radically. I spent the day being quiet and cautious, not doing anything strenuous or that required a delicate sence of balance. I just sat around feeling content and relaxed and safe.

These feelings remained and still remain even during challenging moments of daily life to which a week ago I would have responded very differently.

A much higher state of sensitivity to my shiatsu clients has brought with it a more instinctive vision of their energetic state and this guides me through the treatment, or rather it is that I allow my client to guide me to the best method that will help them feel better. The best thing is that I feel protected from receiving the negative energy as it transforms. The negative energy that is released during the shiatsu treatments is now avoiding me!"

Responses over two months after her initial structure

"About the longer term affects of the structure in July, I would say I coasted very smoothly and calmly right through July and August. My work with Shiatsu has taken the most remarkable dive. I mean a dive to a deeper level. To me it feels like a direct transmission of the essence of oriental medicine. The kind of transmission that occurs between a teacher and a student although I am not presently a student of any one teacher, my root teacher Ryokyu Endo often spoke of this kind of thing. It is strange because I haven`t seen him in some years.

Whatever it is I am astonished at what my clients reveal to me and how they guide and are actually taking the responsibility of being active in the treatment. This has been all along the idea and the goal in shiatsu treatments but now it is different in a much more powerfull way.

I still feel procted from receiving negative energy (...) and I feel more effective as a facilitator in helping people transform their conditions and feel better.

There is so much more I would like to write and more I would like to learn about Pesso because it realy is similar to what my shiatsu teacher taught about helping people to realize the treasure that is already within them."

Feedback one week after her second structure (individual session with two volunteer roleplayers)

"Thank you again for your amazing empathic abilities that have helped to create such positve changes for me and everyone around me.

During the structure I experienced my body growing, I experienced a being entering my my body through my navel. I felt a stream of life force energy flowing into me. And an indescribable peace.

This feeling of growing has continued for days, particularly in my head which has felt hot and slightly cramped in my skull. I believe the structure of my brain is growing. I can feel it.

I have read a theory that early traumatisation can reduce the amount of dopamine receptors in the brain and thereby less synapse. Also the Hippocampus, the part of the brain involved in cognition and memory is resilient, able to shrink and grow.

I feel as if I  have grown and I love the view from up here.

Yes it is wonderfull! There are simply wonderful possibilities to experience in this life when the right guide can show us the way.

My first shiatsu treatments after this last structure are just astounding. As a girl who grew up on the beach, I can say it`s the perfect wave.  As a long time student of Buddhism I would call it, one with the tao.

Seems like PBSP is the today equivilent, the modern way to surf and be in the tao, and know what happiness is. Especialy finding the ability to accept happiness and thrive in it.

The reason I called you in the first place had more to do with the people around me than just about myself. The responsibility I now feel tword my family and my clients has deepened. I want to do whatever I can to be a better person.

So I don`t write a book here , I`ll see if I can make it possible to continue to learn this method. By the way I am dancing again. My body remembers everything."